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Cathy & Jeremy ~ You Said You Could Take It?

2023-01-22 00:19:26

Cathy & Jeremy were sitting on the couch having just finished a romantic dinner for two, when Jeremy spoke. “Well I’ve been thinking babe, I know how your really into the whole bondage and restriction thing & I think I can take whatever you can throw at me.” His voice quavered slightly at the end of his declaration; meanwhile Cathy’s eyes grew bright with anticipation.

“Well come on then!” she said pulling him to the bedroom.”W-w-w-what?!” he stuttered “Now?!” Cathy replied “Yes now!”Jeremy just followed meekly behind her.”Strip completely and lay on the bed on your back with your arms above you and your legs spread so you’re touching all four posts!” She commanded forcefully. He did as he was told and Cathy had him tied tight to the four poster bed in just a few minutes. She used the rope she kept in her closet just in case Jeremy changed his mind and let her tie him up, like now. Cathy reached into the bag she had pulled out of the closet when she got the rope and she pulled out a Cock-Ring and placed it on the end of the bed. She then proceeded to stand and slowly strip off her clothes except her shorts and as Jeremy’s half-hard cock began to stiffen and widen, Cathy slid the Cock-Ring down Jeremy’s engorged head and right to the base of his dick and tightened it ensuring that a minor miracle was now needed to make it possible for him to cum.

She leaned forward and whispered “Be a good boy and I might let you cum in the next oh I don’t know hour maybe? Or you could be bad and I might just forget about you and take a little nap on the couch and come back tomorrow morning?” Jeremy quickly nodded his head “Whatever my mistress wants, my mistress will get.” Cathy thought to herself, He’s a fast learner. She lowered her mouth to his dick and slowly bobbed her head up & down his shaft making him writhe beneath her. She stopped and quickly tightened the ropes so he couldn’t move at all. She then reached into her bag and pulled out an anal plug, size extra large. Cathy held it up so that Jeremy could see it, he moaned shaking his head but she ignored him. Cathy reached under him and pushed the plug into his asshole. Jeremy howled in pain at the sheer speed of the attack. Cathy grinned “I thought you knew what you were getting yourself into darling?” He just laid there helplessly on the bed. She leaned down & kissed the tip of his cock her tongue flicking out & trying to enter his pee-hole, Jeremy moaned again.

Cathy sat back on her heels, “Jeremy?” she asked “mmmm?” was the only answer he could manage. “Well hunny, you know we’ve been dating for nearly two years? Well I want to have your baby. & as soon as possible please.” Jeremy’s eyes popped, he had not been expecting that at all! “Oh dear lord, Cathy get that stupid clamp off me and ill fill you with enough cum to fill a swimming pool!” He gasped seeing a way to cum sooner rather than later. Cathy giggled “No. no, no, not yet, after I’m finished having my fun!”

She then slid her hands up and down his chest as she spoke to him “Oooooh Jeremy you’re making me so wet just look at what you’ve done to my shorts!” Jeremy looked down to see a wet patch on the crotch of her denim short-shorts. She slipped out of her shorts and panties to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy that made Jeremy’s cock throb painfully as he imagined for the hundredth time what it would be like to cum in that hot sexy cunt. Cathy’s hand dived into her wet pussy & she moaned quietly as she rubbed & tweaked her clit & pussy.

All the while Jeremy’s balls were churning, waiting to impregnate the sweet virgin girl standing in front of him. Cathy gasped for air as she rubbed herself to the point of no return. She sat down on the bed beside Jeremy rubbing the top of his prick with her thumb, softly, but for Jeremy painfully, as his balls boiled beneath him. She then got to her knees on the bed and straddled Jeremy’s face, ordering him to eat her out, he did ask so said and his tongue slipped into her channel as far as it could reach until it hit her barrier and his teeth nibbled on her clit, while at the same time Cathy leaned over to suck his dick, she cupped his balls & rubbed them as she bobbed up and down moaning around his cock. Then suddenly she moved off his face and with a small squeal she sat squarely on his dick and broke her hymen, she slowly inched her way up and down his cock getting used to the feel of him inside her she took him completely in and rocked backwards and forwards, until her pussy rippled on his prick as she rode him to orgasm. Jeremy just couldn’t stay quiet anymore he yelled “Get that mother fucking clamp of me now! I need to cum or I’m going to explode!” Cathy simply got a ball gag from her bag and gagged him she then turned and walked out the door stopping at the door-frame. “All in due time my sweetheart.”

Okay everyone constructive criticism please? This is my first story ever and I would really like to know should I write more?

Thanks everyone for reading and voting!