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My Sexy Slave Girl: Chapter 1: Bastinia

2023-01-23 00:02:32

I woke up to the sounds of a car honking outside the house. Cursing the driver I looked at the alarm clock next to my bed. It was 7 o’clock. Still there was plenty of time for my flight at 10. I cursed the driver again and pulled the blanket over my face. “Brad, you are going to be late” said Tom while coming in to my room. “Come on get ready”. I slowly sat up. I was supposed to visit my cousin Ashley over the summer break at Europe. And my friend Tom is here to pick me up and drop me at the airport. Though I was glad that he came early I was pissed at him for breaking my sleep. “Go sit in the living room, Asshole” I said as I walked to the bath room.

If you don’t know about me, my name is Bradley Parker. There is nothing extra-ordinary about me, which I can tell you. I am just over 6 feet with black hair and black eyes. I just finished my junior year and will be a senior after the summer break. This year has been especially tough for me as my parents got an ugly divorce. Though I didn’t live with them in 3 years it really affected me, as I was an only child, and the thought of not celebrating Christmas or Thanks giving together bothered me a lot. My mom and dad were especially concerned about me as they thought it will impact my studies and it sure did. Now I should let you know that I had always been good in studies. I used to play baseball once up on a time in high school. But I stopped playing it once I realized I wasn’t meant to be a baseball player. Instead I decided to focus on studies and go into business. On top of my parents’ divorce my girlfriend for two years –Remi- broke up with me. Apparently I didn’t full fill her emotional needs. Bullshit. I am sure she found someone with a bigger dick. Needless to say my studies and social life were affected. So my Dad and Mom decided to send me to my cousin Ashley, who lived in Eastern Europe by the way, to clear my head. I don’t know how my parents came up with Eastern Europe as the place where I can clear my head. But I can escape from all my problems here and I didn’t see Ashley in 6 years. So I was excited to go.

Let me tell you about my cousin if you don’t know her. Ash (That’s what we called Ashley) was my father’s brother’s daughter. She was 10 years older than me. Since birth she was our grandpa’s favourite grandchild. Her dad even named her after grandpa (My grandpa’s name is Ashley Parker). My grandfather was a really wealthy man. So when he died naturally he passed it all to Ash. I actually don’t know how much money was it but my mother says it was tens of millions of dollars. Ash received the money when she was eighteen. Her inheriting all of grandpa’s money didn’t fly well with the rest of the family including her parents. She was in odds with the family ever since, except my parents. My parents and I were always close to Ash. She was my favourite cousin and we shared a special friendship (This I shall explain later). She lived in New York till she was 25 and then moved to Former soviet republic of Bastinia in Eastern Europe, finding some interesting investment opportunities there. She never came back to U.S, which is not a surprise considering how our family treated her. And now I am going to Bastinia to see her clear my head (As per my mother). I was kind of exited since it is my first time in Europe and I was also exited to meet Ashley after so many years.

I got the window seat on the flight. I was in executive class, complements of Ash. The seat beside me was empty till the flight landed on New York. After refuelling we started flying again and my nearby seat was taken by a tall handsome guy in his early thirties. I felt really small in front of him as he was nearly half feet taller than me. I struck up a conversation with him as the flight time was too long and it will be pretty boring without somebody to talk to. As it turns out the gentleman was from Bastinia. He has two big restaurants in the country and came to America for business purposes. ‘Your English is very good’ I complemented him and he gave me a very hearty smile. ‘So which language do you speak over there’ I asked him. ‘Well our native tongue is Bastinian. But during the soviet times Russian became the official medium of communication in offices and schools. After the collapse of USSR it stayed that way. We still speak Bastinian at home but for business we use Russian. I think you are aware that in last 5 years Bastinia became a tourist destination for the Americans and wealthy Chinese. So now English is also finding its way into our society’. He was excited to talk about his land but I was clearly getting bored. So I asked him what the most interesting thing about Bastinia is. ‘The fact that Bastinia is the only country in the world in which any form of slavery is legal’ was his answer. Now this is something I think I should explain to you. Bastinia made headlines in U.S and throughout the world when they legalized human cloning and genetic engineering a decade ago. Two years later one crooked businessman figured out he could produce genetically engineered clones and sell them as slaves to rich people. Some people did take it to court but the court ruled that clones don’t qualify as citizens of the country so they can’t do anything about it. The court rule and legalization of slavery in Bastinia was a huge issue in U.S also. At one point of time the president was considering interfering but backed out when Russia offered their support for Bastinia.
‘So how different are the slaves from normal human beings?’ I asked the gentleman next to me. Seeing that I was really curious about the topic he started telling me about the Bastinian slaves. ‘Slaves initially used to be clones. Means they had the same genetic material and they all looked alike. This was difficult as they cannot be told apart and there is no variety to choose from when you purchase a slave. Then the leading company in slave production started altering their DNA slightly. This gave them different appearance, height, eye colour and hair colour etc. One problem the companies faced was that though artificially produced, the slaves were human after all. They refused to be slaves and ran away in some cases. Many people sued the company for losses and they came up with a solution. They again modified the genetic material and made them less independent. You can say they got the slave mentality and just accepted their fate. The companies also made them impotent for practical purposes. Slaves will be born on factories out of artificial wombs. Their DNA is modified in such that they will reach 15 years of age within two years. After that a booster shot will be given to them which will rearrange their genetic material so that they will start aging normally’ told the gentle man beside me. I had a doubt that how the slaves will catch up on language and other things if they age so fast. He explained that they are offered special courses once they are mature. This two year training will be undertaken by the manufacturing company and includes languages, cooking, driving and all the other basic skills needed. Some slaves will be trained in specific areas so that the owners can choose whatever skills they needed. Mostly people used them as drivers, maids or office workers. Using slaves for prostitution was banned after some people started exploiting them, but was allowed to use them any way one want inside the household. We slipped away from this topic and started talking about sports and politics. Time went by and it was time for my landing in the Bastinian capital (Leongrad, Named after Leon Trotsky). Before getting down I asked the gentleman how I can tell apart a slave from a normal man or women. He explained to me that slaves will have a ‘K’ tattooed on their right temple. K is the first character of ‘Kesha’ which is the Bastinian word for a slave. I wanted to ask him why the Latin character instead of a Cyrillic character as both Russian and Bastinian are written in Cyrillic. Then it occurred to me that the companies which manufacture the slaves are mostly owned by Westerners. I shook the gentleman’s hand bid him good bye as I entered the waiting area.
Ash told me she will come and pick me up at the airport. But she was not still at the waiting area so I just walked around. Within few minutes I got bored and decided to get a coffee. There was a coffee outlet nearby. While getting coffee I noticed that both the waitresses had the letter K tattooed on their right forehead. This was the first time I was seeing genetically engineered humans. But it was boring I must say, as they looked and behaved like any other people. If that K was not in place I wouldn’t even know they were slaves. ‘Hey handsome’ somebody called from behind and I turned. It was Ash. She hadn’t changed a bit except her hair colour. She has strawberry blond hair when she left but now she had complete black hair which is kept as a ponytail. Other than that she was the same beautiful Ash, 5’8 and her classic Pear shaped body. She hugged me tightly. That’s when I noticed that Ash also brought a friend who was standing behind her. It was a young girl, twentyish, probably her assistant. But when she slightly turned her head, I got a good look and noticed the K on her temple. She was tall, almost 5’10’’, few inches taller than Ash, had shoulder length dark blond hair and plain black eyes. So Ash owns a slave, that’s a surprise. Ash broke away and saw me looking at the girl with a puzzled expression. ‘I purchased her two years ago. She has been very useful to me since. Don’t freak out. She will not bite you.’ I felt embarrassed for staring at the slave girl. ‘Korin, get these to the car’ Ash told the girl pointing at my bags. She picked them up and walked away. While she was walking away I got a nice view of her ass. She was wearing a denim short skirt and a white button down shirt. For some reason her bum reminded me of my ex-girlfried, Remi. ‘Korin. What a strange name. I never heard that name before’ I told as we started walking outside. Ash told me that she gave her that name and it meant ‘beautiful’ in the Bastinian language. She had her brand new Audi A8 parked outside. Korin was putting the bags inside as we walked towards it. We both got on the back seat and Korin pulled it out of the parking spot.

‘So how’s the single life suiting you?’ I asked as I knew that Ash hadn’t had any serious relationship like ever. ‘I am doing OK. How about you?.’ Obviously she was aware that I broke up with Remi. I didn’t reply. ‘You should get out there. Any girl will be lucky to have you. My god, you were enormous when you were even 15. I can’t imagine how big you are now’ Ash murmured as she grabbed my crotch. (At this point I should tell you that Ash and I have been more than cousins in the past. But our history together in U.S will be explained later). ‘You are not doing badly yourself. You have the tits of a twenty five year old for an old lady’ I told while cupping her boobs. There was a moment of silence and then we both laughed. I noticed that while this seemingly uncommon conversation was taking place in the back seat Korin was silently driving as though she is cut-out from the world. Ash saw me eyeing her. ‘Do you like her?’ Ash asked me out of the blue. I should say I blushed slightly but regained my composure immediately. ‘She is a good girl. Why would you ask?’ I asked her. ‘She will be with you for few days while I go to Moscow’ was her reply. I looked at her confused. ‘When I came from U.S I invested in couple of companies. In some companies my investment is so large that I am on the board of directors. It is such a directors meeting which is taking place in Moscow. My lawyers and advisors will take care of all the business, but I have to be present for the sake of being there. I was planning on spending this week with you but this meeting got pre-ponded due to some issues and it is a meeting I cannot avoid’ she explained. Well there goes whatever I planned for the week. ‘So when you will be back and what do you mean she will be with me?’ I asked in a hush-hush voice so Korin won’t hear me. ‘Well I will be gone for about 4-5 days. I have to leave today night but didn’t book the return flight yet. You will stay at my apartment at downtown Leongrad, while I am gone. Usually I take Korin with me where ever I go. But since you are alone here, I will leave her with you to keep you company. She will cook for you and help you if you want to go outside since you don’t speak the language’. ‘Does she speak English?’ I asked again in hush-hush sound pointing at Korin who was still driving as if nothing is happening around her. ‘Oh yeah. She does. I made sure of that while I purchased her. Obviously Russian and Bastinian was part of her training so she will be of great help if you want to go sight-seeing or shopping’. I was still not convinced. Staying with a strange girl in a strange place, that too a slave girl, didn’t seem right to me. She saw the confusion and dissatisfaction on my face. She came closer to my ear and whispered ‘Hey if you get bored use her any way you want. Do whatever you want to her. She is my gift to you for leaving you alone here’. It didn’t make sense to me first but then it occurred to me that Ashley is the complete owner of this girl including her body. So she can do whatever she wants with her and with Ash’s permission I can too. Remi and I tried some kinky shit in the past, but Remi was a coward and she tapped out before anything even got started. My mind started picturing all the crazy things I can do to this defenceless slave girl and without knowing I started grinning. ‘Now that’s the Brad I know’ she told while tapping my shoulder.

Ash and I were sitting on the couch talking about American politics. Though she left America a long time ago she still kept up with the happenings. Korin has gone inside for making coffee for us. ‘So you will be gone for two weeks’ I asked Ash. ‘Yes’ she replied ‘I cannot postpone this trip. Don’t worry. I will bring back some special gifts from Moscow. And moreover you will be pretty busy since Korin is here’. Ash looked at me and did a meaningful laugh. ‘I don’t know Ash. I don’t understand slavery. Isn’t it wrong to keep her against her will’? ‘It will be for a normal human being but not so in the case of slaves. They are complete humans physically but not so much emotionally. Their part of brain which makes them feel humiliation and makes them independent is made weak from birth. And they don’t know a life other than serving somebody to begin with. The pretty amazing thing is that you can humiliate and hurt them in any way possible and they will take it without questioning. They only feel pain with little or no humiliation. And also they cannot get pregnant. They are impotent from birth. The male slaves are sterile too’.
I had to smile. Being brought up in United States I believe strongly that slavery is wrong but these slave girls are a pretty amazing invention of science. ‘Enjoy her while I am gone. She is used to corporal punishment as part of the training and I too punish her occasionally. Don’t do anything that permanently damages her, as it will reduce her price considerably if want to sell her’. ‘How much did you pay for her’ I asked out of curiosity. She bobbed her head and told ‘Lets just say my Audi outside is cheaper than her’.

At this time Korin entered the living room with Coffee for the both of us. She just stood in front of us while we sipped the coffee. I looked at her face. She looked back at me with a ‘Can I get you anything else face’. Her face was cute and full of innocence. Suddenly it occurred to me that I can do terrible things to this girl while Ash is gone and she has to take it. The only limit is that I should not permanently damage her as per Ash’s wish. I can try all the kinky shit I wanted to try with Remi and this girl has no safe word. The thought made me hard instantly. My hardness was evident at the front of my Jeans. I didn’t even try to hide it. Ash was eyeing my boner. ‘You want to check her out?’ She asked. ‘What. Now?’ I was taken aback. Ash just grinned and touched Korin’s knee giving it a little massage. She just looked at Ash with the same expression she had before. Ash’s hand started moving upwards slowly through her inner thigh and finally disappeared inside Korin’s denim skirt. One second nothing happened and then Korin’s whole body jerked. Frankly watching Ash doing, whatever she was doing underneath Korin’s skirt made me even harder. At this point Korin was biting her lips to avoid making any sound and trying hard to avoid any big body movements. The amazing thing is that she didn’t try to stop or even touch Ash’s hand. I was watching a new level of obedience.
Suddenly Ash pulled her hand out of Korin’s skirt and turned towards me. ‘Want to see her naked’ She asked me. Do I? I nodded in agreement. Ash turned towards Korin and instructed her to take off the cloths. It was amazing to me that Korin didn’t show any disagreement. Her facial expression also showed nothing. She started unbuttoning her shirt with the same expression she had when we asked her to bring coffee. She finished unbuttoning the shirt, removed it and kept it on the coffee table. She didn’t wear a bra underneath. I got a full view of her breast. They were almost C cup size much smaller than Ash’s (Ash was almost a DD). But her boobs were intact and her nipples were hard and pointy with reddish areolas. She then took off her skirt revealing blue panties underneath. She had a perfectly flat belly. Even without flinching she put her both thumps inside the panty seam and pulled it down. When she stood up after removing the panty completely I got a good look of her sex. It was tight looking and freshly shaven. Obviously this girl was not utilized much if she was sexually utilized at all. I wanted to ask if they are genetically engineered to grow no pubic hair but decided against it.
‘How do you like her? Would you rather have an Audi or her’ Ash asked jokingly. I smiled and nodded in agreement. ‘ Now I will demonstrate her skill’. Telling this Ash looked at Korin and made a gesture. Understanding her mistress Korin knelt in front of me spread my legs and looked at my eyes. She was asking for approval. I hesitated for a moment. ‘Don’t be shy. I want to see how much you have grown since the last time I saw you’ told Ash. I nodded at Korin in agreement. She removed my belt carefully and dropped it on the floor. She then unhooked the button and then undid the fly of my jeans. My manhood sprang erect. Ash’s jawbone fell by an inch. Ash wanted to ask something but she was still in awe from the size of my cock. Even Korin showed a little awe expression. Whoever was Korin’s training partner at the institute might have been an average guy. She got to work immediately. She started by wetting the head of my shaft and started to take it inside. Her mouth was tight and warm and I have to say she was skilled. She will move her lips down my cock stay for a moment and comeback till the head. She then circle her tongue around head for some time and again will go down, each time little deeper. I must say it felt real good and on top of that she started playing with my balls too. I started relaxing my body. After some time she took my shaft so much inside that it started choking her. So each time when she comes back she will gap for air, take couple of seconds and then continue. Still half of my cock was left outside. ‘Come on girl, take him fully inside’ Ash commanded. Korin was really putting and effort, but due to the massive length of my manhood she was unable to do so. An orgasm was building up on me. I didn’t want to cum so fast in front of Ash. So I tried distracting myself by thinking various random things. Suddenly Ash stood up and picked up my belt, which Korin has dropped on the floor. ‘Come on girl. Go deeper’ Ash commanded again. Since Korin was leaning over my lap her beautiful bum was exposed. Ash took aim and brought the belt hard on Korin’s ass. The cracking sound echoed in the living room. My cock went and extra half inch inside Korin’s mouth this time and her sucking was hard. Ash again raised the belt and brought it down on Korin’s behind, this time harder. The sound of leather meeting human flesh echoed throughout the living room. Korin started to twist and turn trying to remove her bum from harm’s way. But she never took her mouth of my shaft. ‘Deeper’ shouted Ash and punished Korin’s Ass two times within seconds. To my surprise this time she completely took my manhood inside her mouth. I didn’t know corporal punishment can bring such improvement. I couldn’t hold any longer I came inside her mouth. Ash was having a smile, proud of the improvement she brought by the punishment. I tapped Korin’s shoulder and she took her mouth of. My cum was dripping from the corners of her mouth. Ash sat beside me. ‘Sometimes you won’t believe the improvement a good old whipping or canning can bring’. Korin stood up and I gestured her to turn around and she did. There were four clear light red striped on her buttocks. I looked at ash disapprovingly. ‘This will heal in no time. Besides it has been long since I have given her any sort of punishment at all’ told Ash. I was still little upset. ‘Are you Ok, Korin?’ I asked while pulling up my pants. ‘Yes master. She helps me improve myself so that I can serve my masters better’. This is pretty amazing I thought to myself. Not only she is not upset but she is glad that she got punishment. ‘Now go make dinner’ Ash told Korin. She made a slight nodding gesture, took her cloths form the coffee table and went to kitchen. We were talking again but I was planning on my mind what I will do with this beautiful, innocent slave girl in the next few days.

It was the next day evening. Ash was gone to Moscow. I spent the full day inside watching movies. Korin cooked breakfast and lunch for me. I tried striking up conversations with her but most I could get out of her was Yes Master or No Master. It was kind of awkward not making conversations with a girl who sucked your dick yesterday but Korin behaved like nothing happened. It was 6 o’clock and I was almost through the 3rd Transporter movie. Korin was in the kitchen preparing dinner. By this time I was bored out of my mind and I called out her name. She came near me and gave me that ‘How may I serve you Look’. ‘Come on. Sit with me. It is boring to watch a movie alone’ I told. ‘But master I was cooking dinner’ she protested. ‘It can wait besides I am not that hungry’. She hesitated for a moment and sat down beside me. ‘Does Ash let you watch movies?’ I tried to strike up a conversation. She looked at me puzzled not understanding who Ash is. I understood my mistake and told her the full name. ‘She let me watch English movies sometimes to improve the language. I watched ‘Terminal’ couple of weeks ago. I liked it very much’. I was thinking about the life of salve girls. They are not entitled to any form of entertainment. But most of the masters like Ash allowed them a fair share. I decided to let her watch TV for some time. Suddenly I thought that Terminal was playing on some channel which I was browsing through previously. ‘Get the remote’ I told her. She stood up and bent over to get the remote from the coffee table. She was wearing a similar short skirt as yesterday. I think short skirt and button down shirts are the uniform of slave girls or that’s what Ash wanted her to wear- which slide over slightly and gave me a nice view of her beautiful Ass. I got and instant boner. Suddenly I wanted to spank her perky ass so much. I tried playful spanking with Remi once but as I told she was a coward. Korin handed me the remote and sat beside me. I could just tell her to be over my knee and spank her sweet ass but that didn’t seem right to me. So I decided to make some ridiculous reason to do so. She was intensively watching the movie. When the scene in which Zeta-Jones throws her Pager from the deck came, Korin commented something about the scene. I didn’t listen to it but I did notice that she mispronounced the word Pager. She gave an extra stress to the ‘a’ and pronounced ‘g’ the other way. ‘Korin, that’s not how you pronounce Pager’. I told her the actual pronunciation. ‘I am very sorry master. I don’t speak English every day. Also not many people speak English around here’ she looked at me innocently. I saw my opportunity. ‘No. Korin. English is the language of the civilized world. You can’t afford to mispronounce it. You must learn it the hard way. You should be punished for it’. She looked at me apologetically confused on what sort of punishment I am going to give her. ‘Get over my knee’ I told her while switching off the TV. She just froze for a moment foreseeing what was coming but picked herself up fast. She bent over and put herself over my knee. I just rubbed her ass over her skirt and then lifted it. She wore a purple thong under the skirt. Her both butt cheeks were exposed so I decided against pulling down the thong. I just felt her sweet ass and it felt so soft under my palm. ‘Korin, I want you to pronounce the word ‘Pager’. I am going to spank you till you get it right’. I started rubbing her Ass cheeks with my palm. ‘Pager’ she told. It was similar to how she pronounced the first time. I lifted my hand to the maximum level and brought it down on her right Cheek as hard as I could. There was a cracking sound followed by a small sound from Korin. I felt kind of humiliated that I didn’t make her cry. A copy of my hand slowly appeared on her right butt cheek in glowing red colour. ‘Come on girl. Say the word again, I commanded’. She did better this time but not up to my mark. I responded by giving a similar punishment to her left cheek. This time she let out more than a small sound. I must say since I used full force my hand was also hurt slightly. I didn’t want to hurt my palms anymore. ‘Does Ash play ping pong?’ I asked. She turned her head and looked at me not understanding the question but nodded in agreement. ‘Go and fetch the bat’ I commanded and she disappeared inside. Within few seconds she came back with a Ping-Pong bat and handed it to me. I pointed my finger on my lap and she was in the initial position again. I repeatedly punished her Ass as she kept on mispronouncing the word but improving every time. The sound of the Ping-Pong bat meeting her soft Bum echoed throughout the living room again and again. Though my number of beatings proceded way in to double digits Korin didn’t even let out a single cry. But her eyes became wet and her breathing became harder. I decided to stop, thinking that this is as good as she is ever going to get. Besides my muscles were getting tired from all the work. ‘I think I gave you a good language lesson. Now go prepare the dinner’ I told pulling down her skirt and throwing the bat on the table. She stood up without making eye contact and thanked me for the lesson and proceeded towards the kitchen. I continued watching the movie felling proud of what I did.

The dinner was delicious. Clearly Ash taught her to cook American Dishes. What she lacked in English Language skills she made up in cooking skills. She was standing beside me filling my plate whenever it got empty. I told her to sit down on the chair next to me and join me in dinner. She looked at me helplessly. Clearly wasn’t able to sit down anytime soon after my language lesson on her perky ass. I went to the couch and picked up a small and soft cushion came back and put it on the seat next to me. I pointed at the cushion and she sat down very carefully without putting much weight on her buttocks. I asked her many questions about Bastina and she gave me answers to all. She was excited about America too. I told her about American college life and how there are no slaves there etc. ‘Who take care of the masters there’ she asked innocently. ‘People take care of themselves. But I think Bastinians are lucky they have slaves to take care of them’ I told her, though only the very rich people could afford a slave.

I was getting ready for bed. I wasn’t very sleepy because of the change in time lines. I placed a call to my mother and chatted for some time. It was morning in U.S. I also didn’t tell her that Ash went to Moscow and she left me with a slave girl. No need to make my mother panicky. Korin came to my room carrying juice of some fruit which is unknown to me. She put the glass on the table in front of the mirror and politely waited for me to finish talking. I finished talking with my mother and then looked at the juice. She told me it will help me sleep. Suddenly a strange thought occurred to me. Did she put something in that juice to knock me out and take revenge on me for all the beatings I have given her. I also realized that I am completely alone with a girl, whom I met yesterday, in this big apartment. Ash is thousands of miles away in Moscow. But my knowledge told me that slaves of Bastina are incapable of going against their masters let alone taking revenge. Their brain is engineered that way and no expression or body language of hers told me that she even has an ounce of animosity towards me. I decided that it is time I gave something to her. ‘Would master like anything else?’ Her voice woke me up from my train of thoughts. She was waiting for me to dismiss her. I gestured her to come near me. When she came I made her stand in front of the mirror facing it. Then I got behind her and put my arms around her waist. ‘You know Korin you are more beautiful than most of the American girls’ I told her honestly. ‘Thank you, master. But I haven’t seen many American girls. Mistress Ashley is really beautiful’. I didn’t know if I am to complement slaves let alone boost their ego. But I decided to go with it any way. I pulled up my mobile and showed photos of couple of girls from my college to her. She was checking the photos while I bit her ear slightly. I pulled on her waist so her ass started grinding against my crotch. She jerked slightly. I thought about my language lesson and decided to inspect it and commanded her to bend over. She obeyed by bending over and placing her hands on the mirror table. I lifted her skirt and inspected her bottom. The redness has mostly disappeared, only a slight pink hue left. It will be completely ok by tomorrow. I pulled her up and started massaging her boobs over her shirt. She jerked slightly as she was not expecting this. Her fun balls were small enough for me to cup with my hands but also soft as cotton ball. I wanted to feel her breast -skin to skin- so I undid few of her buttons and put my left hand inside. Her skin was so soft like the skin of a baby. I was wondering with such soft skin she didn’t get any cuts from all the beatings I and Ash gave her. I slightly rubbed her nipples and they became hard instantly under my fingers. I looked at her face, she was quiet enjoying this. I slipped my right hand down through her belly and found what it was looking for. I started rubbing her pussy over her skirt and she responded with the same body jerk. By this time my boner was raging and pressing against her ass. She responded by rubbing her soft bum over my crotch. I thought of putting her on her knees and skull fucking her but decided to give her some pleasure first. I undid the button of her skirt and it fell on the floor. She had the same thong inside. I slipped my hand inside her panties and started slightly massage her clit at the same time my other hand massaging her nipples. She started moaning and her breathing became harder. I kept going for some time with the double assault. Suddenly it occurred to me that this is good opportunity to test how obedient she is. Instead of slight massage I started rubbing her clit. It would have been still pleasurable but slightly painful. As a reflex she put her hands over mine and tried to stop it. ‘Korin, put both your hands on the table palms down, I don’t want to see them moving till I say so. She obeyed. I started rubbing her clit again this time with little bit force. Her moans became frequent and her breath became shallow. I started rubbing hard and at this point it would have been really painful. She started jerking violently in her position. So I used my other hand which was busy massaging her nipples, and hold her tight against my body. At this point I was crushing her clit as hard as I could while holding her tight from jerking away. Though she moved her body and moaned violently she didn’t moved her hands of tried to stop me. Her hands remained on the table as I ordered. I was impressed. I suddenly removed my hands from her panties and let her go. She slightly fell to the table and stayed there to catch breath. ‘Your obedience is absolute Korin. I am very impressed’ I told her as she caught her breath and stood erect in front of me. ‘Thank you master’ she told. ‘A slave is not supposed to go against her master’s will or pleasure’. ‘I will take you out tomorrow and buy you the dress you like, I promise’. She thanked me again. But again I was confused if I am supposed to buy her any gift. She didn’t do any great thing. All she did was not resisting me which as a slave she was supposed to do. If I am to complement and reward her for her duties as a slave she will develop independence and fell like an employee rather than a slave. I regretted on giving away my authority and decided that I will be tough with her in future. Korin was giving what’s next look. I realized I still had my raging boner. I was thinking of eating her out as a complement for her obedience but decided against it as I am the master and my needs to be taken care of first. I went and sat on the bed side and pointed at my dick. Understanding my wish she came knelt in front of me and got to work. Her sucking was soothing and I started to enjoy it. She was still able to take only half my cock inside her mouth. I briefly considered using my belt on her bottom like Ash did yesterday so my shaft will go down her throat all the way in, but decided that her behind had enough work out for a day. Her mouth was so warm I couldn’t hold on any longer. I violently came inside her mouth shooting more juice than yesterday. She swallowed all without even spilling one drop outside. I told her she is dismissed. She went near the mirror and picked up her skirt which I dropped there. Before leaving she enquired if I would like a wake up knock. I nodded no and she was gone. After the way I came I didn’t need Korin’s juice for sleeping. I slept like a baby.