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2023-01-21 01:33:48


Hello baby, I promised I would email you every day while I am away.

Arrived in Sydney at 6am local time and massive queues at Customs. Appears ten huge jets all arrive at the same time every day after curfew lifts.

Bill and Bec (an old and very close work colleague) have a lovely penthouse overlooking Hyde Park which is adjacent to the CBD and I have my own ensuite bathroom.

They are a very attractive couple about the same age as us.

Had a snooze this afternoon to try and wipe off some jet lag.

Bec was home early and invited me to have a sauna with her in their own private sauna. It seats six people in two rows facing each other and has a hand held shower.

She has a very sexy body that you would enjoy. Legs, ass and tits. She told me she loved my bald cunt lips and asked me whether I shaved or waxed.

When I told her you shaved me once a week as part of our foreplay that really piqued her interest.

She asked lots of questions about our sex life. I told her you had a thick eight-inch cock and that we thrive on outer sex (I had to explain that it was another name for oral sex though more touchy-feely).

Bec is very easy to talk to and obviously very uninhibited. She asked when I last had a fuck, so I told her about the one we had just before I left for my holiday in Sydney.

She was fascinated when I told her you licked me to orgasm six times before I gave you a full-on blow job (baby you were so horny and hard).

She was even more fascinated when I told her I gave you a golden shower after that (one of your kinky turn-ons for me – love it baby) in the bath before we had a spa together, then fucked like rabbits.

All the steam did wonders for my jet lag and I feel very horny for you already, very horny with a naked woman sitting opposite.


Bec is home all day today though Bill has to work.

She took me on a tour of the sights, Double Bay, Rose Bay, Watson’s Bay, South Head (fantastic harbor and ocean views) then Bondi Beach before we drove over Sydney Harbour Bridge through Mosman, Manly and North Head (more fantastic harbor and ocean views).

Then local seafood and some wine on the pier at Manly while we watched the ferries coming and going.

As soon as we were back at their penthouse Bec suggested we have sauna and shower together to wear off the wine.

We watched each other undress, not sure who enjoyed it more, then sprayed each other with the hand held shower head.

After a while Bec set the head to a fine needle spray and directed it at my cunt lips: baby that was so nice and I did the same for her.

You have asked me a few times if I am bisexual, especially as I like you licking my cunt lips so much, but I have always denied it. However, in my current situation I just might be having second thoughts.

We were both enjoying soaking in the steam from the sauna then washing each other down with the shower-head.

Bec asked me how we went about golden showers (the methodology she called it in business parlance.)

I told her it was always far more exciting with a slow build up and some tension.

She told me she would love me to demonstrate for her, ‘pretty please Sarah, I want you to do it to me, now, right now.’

What is a girl to do when your host asks for a special request? And her naked body really was very appealing. And baby you know I always enjoy some sexual power and dominance.

I squatted over Bec’s groin area with my hands on my hips absolutely enjoying the sexual power I had at that moment as Bec watched with great anticipation.

To increase the sexual tension I told her how a few days ago I had you begging for a golden shower while I was in a similar position over your body.

‘Tell me exactly what you want me to do, tell me Bec, I need to know,’ I teased.

She told me she had never ever had a golden shower, ‘I have waited a long time for this, so make it good for me.’

I told her to count to five for me, then to tease her some more I asked her to count to three with me.

She wanted me to ‘make it good for me’ so I really did baby, not sure who enjoyed it the most, though she made lots of noise.

Bec told me her and Bill could probably learn a lot from me to improve their sex life based on the snippets I had told her.

Not sure where this going to go baby, but might be fun in a new country.


Bill and Bec took me to Taronga Zoo to see kangaroos, emus, koala bears, goanas, wombats, platypus and few others. Lunch at Circular Quay on the way back with wonderful views of the bridge and Opera House.

While Bill was paying the account Bec asked me if I would like to join them in their sauna when we got back. They do it every Saturday she told me.

The exhibitionist in me was looking forward to seeing a new and attractive man naked for the first time as well as flaunting my naked body for him with his naked wife present.

I was determined to make an entrance and make the most of a new man seeing me naked for the first time so I let myself in a few minutes after they went in.

It took me a few seconds to focus because of the steam and I could see they were both wet from the shower.

As I focused some more I could see Bec on her knees kneeling between Bill’s legs licking his semi-erect cock.

‘Been waiting for you, glad you could join us,’ Bill smiled as he stood and sprayed me with the shower-head while ogling my naked body.

“Gorgeous ass and your nipples are like bullets,’ he told me as he sprayed each in turn.

‘Bec told me you were bald down there, love the look,’ he smiled as he sprayed there.

Then I watched him spray his cock with the shower-head.

‘Look what your sexy naked body has done to me Sarah.’

Baby why is it keep coming across incredibly well hung men?

He was all smiles as he told me Bec had told him in great detail about her golden shower as I noticed an ice bucket full of water bottles.

'Bec told me you like a man to beg for your golden shower, so Sarah I am begging, I want it, I really want it so much.'

What is a girl to do when your host asks for a special request? And his naked body really was very appealing. And baby you know I always enjoy my sexual power and dominance over another man.

So to play the moment and create some sexual tension I told them I needed to drink lots of water, which I did very slowly.

When I walked in Bec was on her knees kneeling between Bill’s legs licking his semi-erect cock. So I asked them to keep doing it for me. I told them I wanted to watch some more before I performed for them.

Watching Bec pleasing his very erect cock with her mouth, lips and fingers while she told him she was going to enjoy watching me give him a golden shower was really turning me on.

I told them I was almost ready to perform, but I wanted Bill to lose his erection first. So Bec sprayed lots of cold water on it and applied some ice blocks out of the bucket to his cock as I watched his erection slowly fade.

The exhibitionist in me was really enjoying the moment as I squatted over Bill’s groin area with my hands on my hips absolutely enjoying the sexual power I had at that moment as both Bill and Bec watched with great anticipation.

'Sarah, I am begging for it, Bec told me you like a man to beg for your golden shower, so Sarah I am begging, I want it, I really want it so much, right now.’

‘Tell me exactly what you want me to do, tell me Bill, I need to know?’

“Give it to me until I get my erection back. ‘I have waited a long time for this, so make it very special for me.’

I told him to count to ten for me, then to tease him some more I asked him to count to five with me.

He wanted me to ‘make it very special for him’ so I really did baby, not sure who enjoyed it the most, though he made lots of noise – and his erection came back instantly.

Big turn on for me while his wife watched.

Then she showered him off and told me to watch while she sucked his cock. Baby he was big, hard and throbbing.

Then Bec laid him on his back on the floor, sat on his cock and fucked him silly while I watched.

She kept saying, ‘Do it for Sarah, do it for Sarah, show her how good we are.’

Baby they were good to watch and the noise really was something as they orgasmed simultaneously.

Where was my vibrator when I needed it most?

Have been gone for five days and haven’t had sex with anyone. Aren’t I good? Hanging out for it though.


Bec and Bill really are very sexy people with no inhibitions as you read from their antics yesterday. I wonder if they want to seduce me or are planning to seduce me?

This morning after breakfast Bec was walking around in heels with a tiny very short black silk dressing gown without a belt. As one does in Sydney perhaps?

As she walked I could see her nipples and her beautifully shaved cunt. Did I tell you I shaved her?

Bill was wearing just a jock strap and short t-shirt at one stage. His suntanned ass looked sensational with just two thin straps covering it, and the bulge at the front was a serious bulge.

Bec says they are going to suntan naked on the rear deck after we have yum cha in Dixon Street, a short walk away, and asked me to join them.

Yum cha was good and very Sydney with lots of venues to choose from. The duck was to die for.

Suntanning naked with a sexy couple in beautiful sunny clear blue skies high above Sydney with no one able to see us should be fun. Or perhaps people will be watching from the high-rise buildings a few blocks away?

The exhibitionist in me was determined to make a dramatic entrance as I joined them to suntan so I waited a few minutes.

As you know baby I enjoy a sexual tease and this one was very deliberate in the circumstances.

Apart from my highest heels and a large black floppy hat I was stark naked (and feeling very aroused) as I very confidently strutted to their deck area.

Bill and Bec were standing completely naked and rubbing suntan oil over each other.

I had their full attention as I strutted past them flaunting my ass for them especially.

It felt wonderful with four oily hands on my naked body when they both starting anointing me with their oil while standing in my heels with my legs apart.

Bec was concentrating on my torso, tits and nipples especially, while Bill had his oily hands on my ass (he told me he loved it) then he was rubbing oil all over my cunt.

So good baby, especially when he ran an oily finger up and down my aroused cunt lips.

They told me to lie down and soak up the sun for ten minutes each side before we moved into the shade away from the sun (very strong UV in Sydney they told me and I could feel it).

After some small talk, we talked about sexual preferences and turn-ons.

I enjoyed telling them that one of my really big turn-ons was being licked to orgasm, could be a male or female I told them, while a well hung man watched and masturbated.

I even told them in some detail how you and I had done just that a few times, or is it many times?

I didn’t tell them I am multi-orgasmic, or that when very sexually excited I squirt, maybe they will find out?

Bec told me with a quaver in her voice that she wanted to tell me something that was bothering both of them.

‘You do realize that we both want to fuck you. You are an incredibly sexy woman and you really know how to turn us on without even saying a word.

‘When you walked in here today naked in just your heels and hat that was a magic moment for both of us, just magic.’

Half an hour later I was in the shaded area laying on my back, still with my heels on, legs apart as Bec was licking and teasing my cunt lips as she teased my nipples with her fingertips at the same time.

Baby, it was so good, especially with her man Bill teasing his huge erection with the tips of the fingers of both hands for my benefit while watching his wife pleasure me.

Before that Bec told me in a whisper she really did want to fuck me. ‘Today Sarah, right now,’ she said as she started kissing me on my lips while she teased my nipples with her fingertips.

Baby I was hooked, especially with her man watching.

He asked me if I wanted him to masturbate for me.

Yes please, I told him, do it for me, I want to watch you cum, but not until I tell you to I told him while I watched him fit an evil looking cock ring.

Baby, you know how cock rings on well-hung men turn me on!

Bec told me she had never licked a bald, hairless cunt before. She told be she loved the feel of it and was rapt.

Why is it women give better cunnilingus than men?

Maybe the same reason you claim men give better blow jobs, the person giving it knows what they like and how to give it?

Did you know In Chinese Taoism, cunnilingus is revered as a spiritually-fulfilling practice that is believed to enhance longevity?

A new woman pleasuring me, while a new man is watching and masturbating in a new city was very exciting for me baby. Isn’t that what holidays are about?

Bill stood close to me while Bec was licking me and he took my hand and put it on his cock, without asking or saying a word.

Baby, he was thick, could not get my hand around it.

He asked me if I liked watching him masturbate while his wife was fucking me with her tongue.

‘’Mais oui,’ love it I smiled as I orgasmed for the second time.

Bec told me I was very wet as she laid on her back and positioned me so I was sitting on her face looking down on her eyes with her tongue licking the full length of my cunt lips while I watched Bill masturbating very hard – really very, very hard baby.

He was very turned on watching his wife fucking me with her tongue with her hands on my ass as she dug her nails in (pleasure and pain baby, love it).

And I could see he was enjoying my very obvious sexual pleasure as his wife pleasured my cunt lips with her tongue.

To tease him I told him again, ‘I want to watch you cum, but not until I tell you to.’

I was very close to a huge orgasm and trying not to squirt as I formed a v-shape with two fingers and rubbed my cunt lips.

I was almost screaming, ‘baby yes, baby yes,’ (like I do for you) as Bill shot his load at the same time as I had a major orgasm and squirted – and I mean really squirted.

So good baby!


Bec and Bill are both working all day today so left to my own devices. Shopping in Pitt Street Mall in the morning and strolled around the Art Gallery in the Domain in the afternoon.

Then some nude sun bathing by myself but I feel I am being watched, though I like the thought of that.

They both came home late so very little social contact with them.


Bec says Bill will be working until late but she will be home by two and wants me to meet one of girlfriends after that.

Some nude sun bathing by myself in the morning, I have a good all over tan now – tanned cunt lips even, just for you. Can’t wait for you to use them again for our mutual pleasure baby!

The thought of you licking and kissing my suntanned ass when I get back is turning me on.

Still feel I am being watched, but I like the thought of it and perhaps someone pleasuring themself while they watch me naked without me knowing.

Denise arrived at three and it transpires she comes to visit Bec on a designated Tuesday every month.

Denise is not attractive in the conventional sense but she exudes sex appeal. Sexy smile, sexy voice, sexy demeanor, size 8-10 dressed in heels, tight fitting slacks and a t-shirt with obviously no bra as I ogle her long nipples poking toward me.

Coffee, small chat and thirty minutes later the three of us were naked in the sauna.

It quickly became obvious Denise is bisexual as she tells us about her current man who can’t keep it up for her while sitting between Bec and I with her hands on both of us.

We took turns in spraying each other with the shower-head and I was enjoying two naked women spraying me in turn.

Denise is thirty-eight, very articulate, uninhibited, has never had children, has incredibly long nipples on small tits, a flat stomach and I like the way she shaves her cunt.

She was very flattering to me, as she sprayed me and ogled my body. She told me she absolutely loved my ass and asked if she could lick and kiss it.

Baby, how could I say no, especially with the hostess watching?

She told me to stand with my hands on the wall with my legs apart. Then she knelt behind me and I could feel her licking and kissing my ass cheeks, very nice, and I could see Bec watching with her fingers on her cunt lips.

She told me my ass was to die for as she kept licking and kissing it while she put an arm between my legs and ran her fingers up and down my cunt lips.

Then she told me she wanted to fuck me with her tongue as she sat me on sauna seat, sprayed me all over with the needle spray, then my cunt lips.

Denise told me my ass and bald cunt lips had really turned her on as she started licking my cunt as though there was no tomorrow.

While she was licking me she was fingering herself and I swear she had an orgasm within one minute, the first of many it turned out.

I had to tell her to slow down, though very nice when someone desires and wants you so much.

After she slowed down she was very good at teasing my clit.

Bec was smiling wickedly at me as she asked rhetorically if I liked what Denise was doing.

Then Bec came and sat alongside me and starting kissing me on the lips, then my nipples, then my lips again.

Baby, having two naked sexy women kiss and lick both your lips at the same time is sexual heaven.

Bec told me Denise usually has her first before she has her, though today Bec pleasured her after Denise had me. (Polite way of saying lesbian sex).

I enjoyed watching Bec fuck Denise with her tongue, rather exciting with all the commentary from both of them.

Your turn to fuck me tomorrow Sarah, Bec whispered to me as we wound down, just you and I, promise me?

Yes, I smiled with great anticipation though with perhaps some trepidation.

Do you like the thought of that baby?


All night I was thinking about what Bec told me yesterday.

‘Your turn to fuck me tomorrow Sarah, just you and I, promise me?’

I know that I promised to be true to you baby, but it is not another man, and I will make it up to you. Which of my girlfriends would you like to have? But I insist on watching.

Bec told me she would be home from work early and Bill would not be home at all, he was in Melbourne overnight.

When Bec arrived home at two she asked me to meet her in her bedroom at three. Dress to impress she told me, no sauna today.

So heels, black garter belt and stockings, you love me in those, under a long cocktail dress with a long zipper at the back. Nothing else, less is more you keep telling me.

At the last moment I changed my mind and decided to wear a long dress with a zipper at the front, nothing underneath, and a good dose of expensive perfume and heels.

I felt really good naked underneath that dress, I have worn it for you and teased you as I slowly undid the zip, then shrugged it off.

Wasn’t sure if I was going to be seduced or if I was the seductress, though I was very excited yesterday when Bec told me, ‘Your turn to fuck me tomorrow Sarah, just you and I, promise me?’

First time I had seen their bedroom, like something out of a decorator magazine, full-length mirrors on all the walls and the ceiling, and a huge bed.

The only picture in the room was a very large landscape format framed photograph of Bec smiling at the camera, resting on her elbows totally naked.

Very similar to the one you took of me we have in our bedroom.

When I made my entrance Bec smiled at me and told me I was a pornographers delight. Fancy that!

As we sized each other up ’fully dressed for a change’ we were both looking closely at each other’s choice of clothing.

Bec was wearing a white two-piece knee length outfit, with slits at both sides up to the top of her thighs and a matching jacket with just a single button and her perfume was heavenly.

I told her she looked fabulous in white contrasted to her suntan, especially as she moved around and exposed lots of thigh.

Bec told me we had all day ‘so lets really enjoy the moment and each other.’

As soon as we touched hands the sexual tension was electric. I was determined to take control, after all Bec wanted me to fuck her, so I stood behind her and kissed and licked her neck.

When we started tongue kissing, Bec asked me to tell her what I was going to do to her.

First up I want to get you naked, then I want to lick you like an ice cream, then give you the best lesbian fuck you have ever had, I told her.

I was worried Bec would see my hands shaking as I undid her coat as we continued tongue kissing.

She was wearing the skimpiest white bra under the coat, highlighting her fabulous tits, (again fabulous contrast on her suntan) with her very erect nipples exposed.

I bent down and kissed and licked them in turn, just the same as I like you kissing and licking my nipples.

Then off with her skirt leaving Bec wearing nothing but heels and a very skimpy white g-string.

Could not resist kneeling behind her to lick and kiss her suntanned ass cheeks – looked fabulous in all the mirrors when I slid her g-string down over her ankles and she stepped out of it.

Just as her friend Denise did to me, I pushed her legs apart and slid and arm between her legs and started teasing her wet cunt lips with the tip of one finger while still kissing and licking her ass.

To tease her I asked, ‘Can I fuck you now? Are you ready for me? Do you want me naked for you? Do you want me to lick your cunt lips?’

She told me, ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, now,’ almost her first words since I appeared as she pulled at the zipper on my dress and I shrugged out of it.

I was determined to tease her some more as we fell onto the bed together and kissed like teenagers as I teased her cunt lips with just one finger,

Then her nipples again.

Baby, I really was enjoying being in control and providing sexual pleasure.

I told Bec to lie on her back, open her legs and put her knees up as I put a pillow under her ass and licked my down from her nipples to her cunt lips with my arms wrapped around her legs.

To tease her some more I whispered, ‘Can I fuck you now? Are you ready for me? Do you want me to lick your cunt lips? Tell me I need to know.’

‘You know I do, ever since you arrived and every time I saw you naked I ached for you to fuck me, do it now,’ she moaned as I blew on her cunt lips.

As soon as my tongue and lips brushed her cunt for the initial contact Bec was groaning and moaning incoherently.

Baby, at that moment I was in awe of the sexual power I had over her, and I was enjoying it very much.

She told me over and over I was ‘so fucking good’ and that I was ‘a sex machine.’ Very flattering for me baby. Do you think I am a sex machine?

I had intended to really tease her and make her wait for her first orgasm, I was determined to give her at least five, but I had her screaming in what seemed less than two minutes.

So I moved so I could kiss her lipstick covered lips, we both had our mouths wide open, and our tongues in each others throats as I teased her cunt with the tip of one finger.

Bec told me she could taste her juices on my lips as we enjoyed kissing each other.

When we sixty-nined we were both moaning and groaning with pleasure. So good baby!

The bliss off the afterglow was broken by a phone ringing. I could hear Bec giving terse answers, ‘yes she did, yes we did, lost count of the times, okay I will tell her.’

She told me it was Bill, I thought it was, asking if I had fucked her and to remind me he wanted to have me before I left for home.


Bill is still away and Bec was very late home from her work, so left to my own devices. Shopping in Oxford Street for something sexy to use on you when I return.


Bill will be home late tonight so Bec is going to take me to some adult clubs. The entertainment was wild and very sexy. The men with huge cocks and gorgeous female bodies, with to die for tits on show were very appealing.


What a week baby and today my host expects and wants to fuck me while his wife watches.

Three in the afternoon in our bedroom Bec told me earlier.

If I am going to be used I am determined to make it memorable for all three of us.

At two I asked Bec to help me choose something to wear.

I was not as bald as I was a week so I asked Bec to shave me before I had a shower, nice change from you doing it baby. She left a patch above my cunt – we agreed we liked it Mohawk style instead of Brazillian.

I enjoyed Bec watching me in the shower and then drying me off. She told me it was a strange feeling helping another woman prepare to fuck her husband, ‘Though I am looking forward to it,’ she said.

I enjoyed another woman looking at my naked body as she helped me try on various outfits to impress her husband.

We finally settled on me wearing my black silk garter belt, black stockings, black silk blouse heels and a good dash of perfume. Bec told me I looked ‘absolutely fuckable’ as I strutted around the room.

She told me I was turning her on as she licked my nipples, ‘The garter belt highlights your gorgeous ass and your Mohawk.’

‘Will call out when we are ready for you,’ she told me as she left.

On cue I strutted into their bedroom feeling very confident with a big smile as I shrugged off my shirt and posed with my hands on my hips.

To my surprise Bec was naked on her knees with Bill’s very engorged cock in her mouth.

‘Hello Sarah,’ Bill smiled at me.

‘Bec thought I might need some foreplay. No need with you dressed like that, love it, I want you now, right now.’

He took my hands, turned me around against one of the wall mirrors, placed my hands above my head, opened my legs, then licked and kissed my ass.

‘Now, Sarah, right now I want you bad, really bad,’ he was almost screaming as I felt his huge cock forcing it’s way into me as he grasped my hips.

For the first time in my life I could understand how a broodmare feels when being serviced by a stallion after having a teaser to stimulate them.

And baby I really liked it, especially with his teaser watching! Don’t forget baby that was my first proper fuck for almost two weeks.

In the mirrors I could see Bec standing behind him with her hands on his ass digging her nails into him.

I won’t tell you any more now baby, it was so good, that I almost feel guilty. Tell you all about it soon.


At the airport baby, see you soon, lots to tell you and lots of catching up and making up to do (lots and lots).

Wait until you experience the really wicked toy I have for you. Then all will be forgiven I hope.